Contest “The Best Commercial Vehicle of the Year in Russia” is an annual non-profit event is held since 2001.
The purpose of the Contest is to identify the best commercial car of the year in Russia in the nominations:

  • «Truck of the Year»
  • «Van of the Year»
  • «Bus of the Year»
  • «Special Award» (For achievements in development of Russian market)
  • «Prospect of the Year»
  • «Trailer/Semitrailer of the Year»
  • «Person of the Year»
  • «Legend of Automotive Industry»


The chairman of the jury is Alexander Solntsev, the editor-in-chief of the "ComTrans" magazine. The Jury of the Contest consists of authoritative journalists of specialized Russian publications covering the motor transport topics. Publications must be completely independent of car manufacturers, distributors and dealers.
A jury member can be a journalist regularly covering the topic of commercial vehicles in his publication.
Each magazine can delegate only one journalist to the jury of the Contest.


Each member of the jury submits his list of nominees in all nominations to the chairman of the jury. Based on the presented data, the chairman compiles a bulletin from the most frequently mentioned models of cars for each nomination and sends them to the members of the jury.
Each jury member has 12 points in each nomination, which he distributes among the nominees.
In this case, one nominee can not be awarded more than 7 points.
The winner in each nomination is determined by the sum of the points scored.

The provisions of the contest

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